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Importance of Forgiveness
Because God forgives us our sins through the sacrifice of Jesus, we are called to forgive those who have offended and hurt us. - Matthew 18:21-35
Indestructible Faith
David Carrington speaks on how the Holy Spirit can give you an indestructible faith.
Hannah’s Faith
Stephen Aldrich speaks on the qualities that Hannah possessed that open the doors to motherhood.
The Veil
David Carrington speaks on how Jesus removed the separation of people and God.
How Different Easter Looks
Steve Grier speaks on how Easter is not only for the celebration of Jesus' resurrection but for our own as well.
My kingdom is not of this world
Jesus came to establish the Kingdom of God and to keep us from becoming entangled with kingdoms of this world.
Do you have the keys?
Guest Speaker Stephen Hogue from OneFamily Ministries speaks on the keys of the kingdom
The Progression
In life we find ourselves possums, predators and protectors.
Bling O-Nomics, God and Money
God teaches us how to deal with our money. God opens the door when we honor him with our money.
In the day and age in which we live, believers are called upon to exercise a faith that is Unshakeable in their relationship with Jesus, when faced with temptation and…
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