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Glory to Glory
We are to see God's Glory and display his Glory.
Life to the full is living for the Glory of God.
The Right Way
In life we are torn between two paths, Jesus shows us the right way.
God’s Plan
Jesus waited to hear the from God, then he acted. This is the key to walking out God's plan.
Prudence is a brother to wisdom which teaches us how to obtain knowledge and discernment.
Practical Wisdom
The book of Proverbs gives us practical wisdom. This sermon explores how wisdom effects our words.
Wisdom from Above
In this Sermon we explore how we can get a wisdom from above.
Jesus calls us not just to believe Him, but to believe IN HIM. This message explores the difference.
Power In You

Change, Part 2
Sin tries to limit our lives in many ways. The Holy Spirit gives us the ability to overcome fear, forgive, live our potential, give thanks, and live in the moment.
In life, there is a struggle to change and to grow. God gives us the weapons of Faith and Forgiveness to help us overcome.

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