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Hearing From God
There are times when we want to hear His voice. Jesus said his sheep hear his voice . God speaks and he wants us to hear.
Team Jesus
Every tries to pull Jesus their side but He stays on God's side.
On God’s Side
When Joshua encounter the Angel of the Lord he asked, " are you are our side or theirs." The Angel said "Neither ". That he was on God's side. Joshua…
Motivation Restored
The Love of Jesus motivates us to live a life of restoration and reconciliation.  We have been graciously reconciled to God and therefore have the reciprocal responsibility to reconcile others.
Motivated by Agape
There is a great love that be come the greatest motivator of all.
What is your why? Jesus is very interested in why we do what we do .
Spiritual Seasons, Pt2
We go through seasons of trials and warfare but God prevails and brings us into seasons of joy.
Spiritual Seasons
There are Spiritual seasons we go through in life. It is important to know what season you're in and to keep your eyes on Jesus no matter the season.
The Christmas Story
The importance of the Christmas Story in our lives continuously
Angels We Have Heard
The Angels bring good news to the people of God.  This message highlights what the Angels had to say to the people of God at Christmas.
Rediscovering Immanuel
At times we play hide and seek with God. We hide from him, he hides from us. He seeks us and we seek him.
The Invisible War, How to Win Over Sin
The enemies tries to deceive us into sin, bus Jesus provides us all we need to win.

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