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Spiritual Seasons
There are Spiritual seasons we go through in life. It is important to know what season you're in and to keep your eyes on Jesus no matter the season.
The Christmas Story
The importance of the Christmas Story in our lives continuously
Angels We Have Heard
The Angels bring good news to the people of God.  This message highlights what the Angels had to say to the people of God at Christmas.
Rediscovering Immanuel
At times we play hide and seek with God. We hide from him, he hides from us. He seeks us and we seek him.
The Invisible War, How to Win Over Sin
The enemies tries to deceive us into sin, bus Jesus provides us all we need to win.
The Invisible War, 7 Defenses
The enemy has his attacks but God has his counters. Today we look at the weapons God gives us in Ephesians 6.
The Invisible War, 7 Attacks
The enemy comes at us in various ways. We need to be aware of the attacks and rely on the Lord to give us freedom.
The Invisible War
The word says our battle is not against flesh and blood. We are battling an invisible enemy. We have to make sure the we don't confuse our enemy.
Keeping a root of bitterness from becoming a tree of the offended
UnJaded – Heart Softening Habits
Today we discover 7 ways to keep your heart soft before the Lord.
Life can make us cynical and hard hearted. The word teaches to stay soft hearted and full of faith.
Growing in Hope, Part 3
The greatest thing we can do is love. Life tries to make us loose hope but Jesus calls us to remain in his love.