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God gives us many reasons to be thankful. This message looks at the why and how we should be thankful.
Best Dad Jokes - Thanksgiving Edition God calls us to be thankful in all seasons.
Your Imagination is Your Faith

Jesus I AM
Sometimes we wonder what God means when he says I am the I AM. Today we learn who Jesus says HE IS.
Victorious Mind
There are times in life when we just need to sit and think about who God is. This renews our mind and gives us hope.
Two Worlds

God calls the believers to remain Faithful.
Helping People
How do you help people when they need Jesus?
Surviving the Storm
When the storms comes we turn to Jesus to get us through. He comes to the rescue and lessons for us in the storm.
Celebration of Millennial Reign
How do you prepare yourself for when times change, and what you can do to bring yourself closer to God.
The Comeback
There are times in life we fall down. This message explores the way that Jesus brings us back.
It’s Time To Be Free
It's time for the Children of God to be revealed and arise as healed and whole believers!