Our Core Values

We believe that prayer is essential for victorious Christian living – for the church and the individual. You will see that prayer is an integral part of our Worship experience. We pray for the sick; we pray for those who are hurting; we pray for strong marriages; we comfort those who mourn with more than prayer, we support them in their time of grief with physical help such as meals, calls and visitation. We believe our church is a place of vibrant, passionate prayer that touches the heart of God. We have many, many testimonies of how God has answered prayer and brought healing, peace and joy.

We are committed to reaching our community with the life-changing message of Jesus. Recognizing that the Great Commission is about making disciples, and not simply seeing decisions, our endeavor is to create an environment of spiritual growth for all Christ followers.

Every believer is called to serve in the Kingdom. We believe that the best definition of Christian service is “life-producing ministry that produces life in us and others”. With that in mind our aim is to help every attendee at NCA to find their place of effective service.

As we pursue our other Core Values we believe that we will see growth – not just numerically but spiritually too. For us, church membership is all about active participation in the body of Christ. As we give ourselves to the work of the ministry we believe that He adds the increase.