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God is Greater – Spiritual Authority
In this message we discover the Authority we have in and through Jesus.
God is Greater
There are times in our lives that we feel overwhelmed. This sermon reminds us that God is greater than anything that this life can use to challenge us. There is…
Biblical Lenses, Part 3
God has created us as male and female and human sexuality is to be expressed in a loving marriage relationship.
Biblical Lenses, Part 2
This service we are looking into the roles of men in women through the lenses of the Bible. God made us fearfully and wonderfully.
Biblical Lenses, Part 1
God Loves Life: "All life is of great value to God from the moment of conception to the moment of death."
Independence Day- A celebration of true freedom. True freedom is found through Jesus and Holy Spirit.
Trials & Temptations
Trials work to strengthen our faith, while temptations work to destroy it.
The Love of the Father
The love of the Abba father is the source of genuine love that we receive for God and then give to others.
Many times in the modern Church we unintentionally erase the supernatural in an attempt to be relevant. The Holy Spirit isn't intended to be erased but instead embraced.
The Holy Spirit & The Believer
The Holy Spirit is directly involved in the life of the believer before, during, and after salvation.
Indestructible Faith – Fire
This message teaches the believer how the Fire of the Holy Spirit impacts us in three ways. The fire symbolizes the presence. The Holy Spirit lights our passion, and leads…
Importance of Forgiveness
Because God forgives us our sins through the sacrifice of Jesus, we are called to forgive those who have offended and hurt us. - Matthew 18:21-35