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How To Find a Better Job

How to Get a Better Job

Jobs or careers can be a burden or a blessing to you and your family.

Some say you should be happy you even have a job. And this is absolutely true. But I’m not talking about a lack of gratitude when I talk about a job being a burden. Certainly the Bible tells us to be thankful “in everything” (1 Thess. 5:18).

So, (in your thankfulness for having a job) can you say that your job brings you fulfillment? Can you say that it gives you a measure of satisfaction and enjoyment in your life?

Perhaps you feel that your boss doesn’t like you and, consequently, you have to live day-to-day wondering if you will have this job next week. Maybe, your job is just plain boring. Maybe it’s physically challenging and you lack the strength to keep going day in and day out. Maybe it’s physically dangerous and you worry about being injured. Any one of these issues can burden you, give you stress and cause worry.

The Word of God helps us to have a right understanding regarding our jobs or careers.

First of all, the Word teaches, as noted above, to be thankful for our jobs. How does this help? Thankfulness positions our perspective. It helps us to see that it could be worse. You might not have a job at all. I went online and in just a few seconds, found a blog by someone who didn’t. They were writing about the rejection they felt every time their application was ignored, or receiving the rejection notice after an interview. So you can choose to be thankful for just having a job.

You can also be thankful that conditions at work are not worse. Do you work in an air-conditioned environment? I know many people who don’t. They have to deal with 95 degree temperatures most of the year (in Florida). Do you have fellow employees who are obnoxious and unbearable to work with? It could be worse. Is your boss a disagreeable dictator? Trust me, it could be worse, been there, done that.

Besides being thankful, I believe one of the best encouragements in the Bible is to dedicate your job to the Lord. Paul said that whatever you find yourself doing, do it “as unto the Lord” (Col. 3:23). What does that mean and how does it help?

Doing as unto the Lord, means that you think of your job as working for the Lord. This attitude will take an ordinary job and raise it to the level of being a Holy Job! What once was ordinary, boring work has now become God’s Work. For instance, perhaps you bag groceries for a living. Yesterday you were bagging groceries for the store and the customer (neither show much appreciation). Tomorrow, you are bagging groceries for God. And since you are doing it for the Lord, you will want to do the best possible job. Why? Because you know that He loves you and cares about you. He wants you to do the best possible job too. Your ordinary job just became a great job. You are now bagging groceries for the King. You can choose to work for people who may not care or show appreciation, or you can work for God who loves you and appreciates you in all your imperfections.

The benefits from this attitude are tremendous.

1) It benefits you spiritually. You spend hours each week doing something dedicated to God.
2) It benefits your employer. The quality of your work improves because you are doing it for God. The quantity of your work improves because you don’t want to waste any time. This is God’s Work!
3) Your employer will probably notice the improvement in quality and quantity and will want to encourage that change by showing their appreciation. And if they don’t show appreciation, you can still trust God and know that He sees everything. Remember Jacob, working for his uncle Laban? Jacob worked hard and even though Laban was cheating him, Jacob kept his part of the bargain; and God honored Jacob for that. When Jacob left to return home the Bible tells us that he was “exceedingly prosperous, and had large flocks and female and male servants and camels and donkeys” (Gen. 30:43).

So, if your job is a burden and a source of stress and anxiety, you can do something about it today. Be thankful to God for your job and do it as unto the Lord. In doing so, you have the power to turn a burden into a blessing—a blessing for you and your family.

Pastor Greg