Our History

History of New Covenant Assembly

New Covenant Assembly of God began in 1985 with the merger of Christian Assembly and New Covenant Fellowship. Christian Assembly was founded in 1979 and Pastored by Greg Rice. New Covenant Fellowship was planted by New Life Assembly in Sanford and Pastored by Phil Waisanen and Robert Hazen.

Initially after the merger the church met only on Sundays at Winter Springs Elementary School with fellowship groups meeting in homes, and then soon moved to the Seventh Day Adventist church on Moss Rd., Winter Springs. At that time, we had 3 pastors and a youth minister, Chris Maxwell. After about a year of adjustment, the church, under the leadership of Pastor Bob Hazen, began to move forward in its vision of expanding and building the Kingdom of God.

In 1987, New Covenant bought the property on Lake Drive, in Casselberry, and soon built the Sanctuary. Most of the work on the sanctuary was done by volunteer members of the church. Lou Rice was the construction supervisor, Stan Guillemette supervised the carpentry and roofing, and John Taylor supervised and installed the interior wood ceiling and the finish carpentry. There were many men and women who helped with everything from start to finish. Duane DeGeus led worship followed by Doug Kensrue.

In 1995 the church added the education Building and church offices. Again, many volunteers contributed to the construction project. Steve Hogue was the Youth Minister and Eric Park was the Children’s Pastor.

Doug Kensrue was transferred to another city by his employer and Ruth Scheffimiller took over leading worship followed by Norma Stewart.

In 2002, Stuart Yon became the Youth Pastor and Bob Hazen retired after 15 years as senior pastor. We honor the many years of faithful service and godly example of Pastor Bob and Ginny. Without the vision and leadership Bob poured into our body, New Covenant would not have the heart, the legacy and the future that it has today.

In January of 2003 Mark Davenport became Pastor and resigned 2 years later.

In February of 2006, David Hogg became the pastor. David was here for 5 years. Donna began serving as our church secretary and children’s leader and David Jr. led worship. Wheeler Newman was the youth pastor, followed by Greg Conley.

Spencer Ball became the interim pastor during the fall of 2011 and Lynsey Ball directed the children’s ministry.

In January of 2012, Greg Rice became the senior pastor. Spencer Ball continued on as associate pastor until he and his family left for the mission field in Romania. Marcia Adams became the children’s director. Worship was led by several local music ministers including Duane DeGeus.

Joshua Barker became our regular worship leader.

During all these years we’ve had many men and women in leadership: Ray McConnel, Lou Rice, Doug Kensrue, Steve Grier, Leon Steinmeyer, Ed Hinchey, Brad Turner (who has also been teaching classes for many years) Bob Dempsey, Eric Park and Dan Anderson (who were Children’s Pastors), Rudy Koubek (Royal Rangers, Maintenance), Dennis Stewart, Jane Koubek (Missionettes)

Several ladies have been the church secretary: Martha Hogue, Linda Fowler, Judy Turner, Rachel Conrad, Donna Hogg and others.

Many of our youth have grown up and had their weddings here. Many of their children now attend NCA.

Many have served faithfully on the worship team for years; notably Chris Linck, John and Chris Taylor, Kristin Wiseman, Bill Stewart, Steve Grier; Kathy Melecio, and now we’re thrilled to see the next generation involved; including Trevor, Rachelle and Brantley. The services would be at a loss without the faithful man behind the sound, Kurt Adams and also Billy Drehobl on presentation slides.

We honor all who have been faithful to serve God. There are many names who have been left out of this history. Not because what they did was unimportant or unappreciated, but simply because the length of the list would be too much for anyone to read and appreciate and because of pure human forgetfulness. Thank you for serving God, us and investing your life in the vision and future of NCA.

Originally published in 2012. Updated 2016